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Quality Horse Barns
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CB Structures uses techniques that easily adapt to various applications, from backyard barns and riding arenas to custom horse stalls and boarding equestrian facilities. We build your horse structure with quality, craftsmanship and care, and back them with the best warranty in the industry. Our various truss designs and distinctive styles are available to accommodate your equestrian lifestyle needs, whatever they may be, so your horse barn is exceedingly functional and timeless.

Equestrian Experience

Your horses are our top priority when it comes to designing your equine structure. With over 20 years of experience in the horse barn industry, we build structures based on the nature of your equestrian lifestyle and your horses' happiness. From proper air flow circulation, natural lighting, adequate stall space and comfort as an integrated part of our design process. Your horse barn is more than just another structure; it is a unique space with key design elements that we make more enjoyable for both you and your horses.

Excellent Value

Our dedicated crew of horse barn experts provides the flexibility and attention you deserve for building the equestrian structure of your dreams. As a customer you are involved with every step of your horse barn or stable project, from selecting the right site and size to construction and delivery. Our value added services give you peace of mind with our Design Build process and ensure your project is perfect from concept to completion with long-term use in mind.

Exceptional Design

Our horse barn designs incorporate cost effective solutions with time-saving construction methods. Choose from various metal roofing and siding options, as well as typical exterior styles. A well-designed equine building requires the same effort as a well-designed home. It needs to be functional, comfortable and every element of your structure's purpose and maintenance must be considered. This means proper storage space, feed rooms, tack rooms, groom stalls and aisle ways. All these things are taken into account so owning your equine structure is efficient and exceptional.

With CB Structures, you can have it all. To learn more about our buildings, request a quote.

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Horse Barns & Stables


“After months of comparing competitors workmanship, pricing and structure design, I chose CB Structures by the way I was treated. We approached Devin to design a unique horse barn structure with living quarters on the second floor and couldn't be happier.” – Garrett German & Son, Inc.

“We're delighted our horse barn has been selected as an entry in the National Frame Builders Association's “Building of the Year” competition. We can say only positive things about our experience with CB Structures – from the point of sale to the day we said goodbye to our fine crew.” – Tom & Margaret Tearman

“The design and construction of our horse barn was just what our family needed. The CB team kept us informed throughout the entire process and gave us the best design ideas for the safety and happiness of our horses.” – Mike Brubaker

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Get valuable info about horse barns from CB Structures:

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